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Safetec Wall-Mount Spill Leader Kit
Safetec Wall-Mounted Multi-Purpose Spill Leader Kit

Safetec Wall-Mount Spill Leader Kit

Your Price: $119.95
Part Number:Safetec-15205

Protect yourself, your staff, and those who visit your facilities by making the Safetec Spill Leader Multi-Purpose Spill Kits available. These great kits, which come pre-stocked and are conveniently wall mountable, are designed to be used for responding to and cleaning up any kinds of potentially hazardous spills. Coming complete with nitrile gloves, Red-Z solidifier, scoopers, bags and hazardous labels, these kits enable staff members to safely and efficiently clean up a wide range of aqueous spills; neutralizing, stabilizing, and solidifying the materials for safe transport and disposal. 


Each Kit Contains:

• 3 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves 
• 5 oz. Bottle of Red Z Fluid Solidifier
• 5 oz. Bottle of Green-Z Fluid Solidifier 
• 5 oz. Bottle of Acid Lock Solidifier 
• 5 oz. Bottle of Alky Solidifier
• 2 oz. Bottle of Petro Lock Absorbent
• 6 Scoopers/Scrapers 
• 6 Zip Lock Bags (Dimensions: 9″ x 12″)
• 2 Hazardous Waste D.O.T. Labels 
• 2 Non-Hazardous Waste D.O.T. Labels


This kit is great for keeping on hand in a wide range of settings, including hospitals, laboratories, industrial buildings, and more. 

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