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Safetec Red Z Solidifier Drop-In Pacs 42 gram
Safetec Red-Z Solidifier Drop-In Pacs

Safetec Red Z Solidifier Drop-In Pacs 42 gram

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Part Number:Safetec-41175

As one of the fastest and most absorbent solidifiers currently available on the market, using Safetec’s Red-Z Solidifier Drop-In Pacs makes is almost effortless to remain in compliance with regulations regarding the proper handling and transport of liquid medical waste materials. They are perfectly sized to fit into the small openings of canisters and will turn the contents of the canister in to a semi-solid gel that is easier and safer to transport.

Plus, these single-use packets come prefilled with a ready-to-use solution, which helps save valuable time and resources by eliminating the need for staff members to have to stop what they are doing to measure and mix together chemicals. Simply drop the packet into the canister (which can be done either before or after the fluids are added) and watch as the solidifier activates, bursts through the pouch, and then immediately starts to solidify the contents of the canister.


-- One of the fastest solidifiers available on the market!

-- Transforms liquids into more solidified gels

-- Each packet will solidify up to 1,500cc of collected fluid

-- Extremely absorbent formulation

-- Perfectly sized to fit into small openings (like on suction canisters)

-- Comes pre-measured and packaged

-- Eliminates the need for measuring and mixing

-- Helps save time and resources

-- Made using non-woven tea bag material

-- Packaged in pre-filled single-use 42 gram packets

-- Packet size = 2.9" x 9.3"

-- Comes with 100 drop-in packs per case


-- Complies with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards

-- Meets the D.O.T. regulations for the proper handling and transport of liquid medical waste



Ideal applications:

-- Suction canisters

-- Urology bags

-- Kick buckets

-- Any other canisters with small openings




Product Number: Safetec-41175                  Red-Z Solidifier 42g Drop-In Pacs        


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