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Safetec Red Z Fluid Solidifier Shaker Top Bottle 11 oz
Safetec Red-Z Fluid Solidifier Shaker-Top Bottle, 11 oz

Safetec Red Z Fluid Solidifier Shaker Top Bottle 11 oz

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Part Number:Safetec-41102

Using the Safetec Red-Z Fluid Solidifier Shaker-Top Bottle helps ease the dirty job of cleaning up and disposing of potentially infectious blood and bodily fluid spills. In addition to immobilizing the spilled liquids so they don’t keep spreading, within just a few minutes Red-Z will turn water-based spills (such as blood, vomit, urine, etc) into a firmer gel that can more easily be cleaned up and disposed of. It also contains a deodorizer that helps neutralize any foul odors. Using Red-Z to clean up potentially infectious spills also helps eliminate splashing, which could further spread the spill and cause contamination if splashed on other people.


-- An industry leading spill control solution

-- Works quickly and effectively

-- Turns liquid spills into a firm gel

-- Helps keep the spill from spreading further

-- Contains a deodorizer to help with odors

-- Won’t splash

-- Highly absorbent – just 1 oz solidifies over 1 liter of fluid!

-- Comes in easy-to-use dispensing bottles

-- Bottles have easy-pour shaker tops

-- Packaged in an 11 oz shaker top bottle


For those who need an incinerator-friendly version of this solidifier, Safetec also makes a Green-Z formula.


Product Number: Safetec-41102              Red-Z Solidifier Shaker Top Bottle, 11 oz

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