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Safetec Insect Repellant 0.9 Gram
Safetec Insect Repellant Packets 0.9 Gram 2000/Case

Safetec Insect Repellant 0.9 Gram

Your Price: $99.95
Part Number:Safetec-53509

Insects can carry a wide range of infectious diseases that can easily be transmitted to humans with just one bite. Using insect repellents, like the Deet-free Insect Repellent by Safetec is an effective method of preventing insect bites and providing protection against diseases like the mosquito-transmitted West-Nile Virus. Safe for using on kids and adults, this insect repellent uses a pesticide-free formula that is made using natural plant-based repellents, like citronella oil and soybean oil.


-- Features a Deet-free formula

-- An effective deterrent for a wide range of insects

-- Helps prevent insect-transmitted diseases and viruses

-- Pesticide-free formula

-- Uses natural plant-based repellents like citronella oil and soybean oil

-- Safe to use on children and adults

-- Non-toxic to the skin

-- Comes in individually wrapped .9gram pouches

-- Packaged with 2000 pouches per case

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