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Safetec Insect Bite Sting Relief “No Touch” Spray, 2 oz
Safetec Insect Bite Sting Relief Spray

Safetec Insect Bite Sting Relief “No Touch” Spray, 2 oz

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Part Number:Safetec-52001

Insect bites and stings can cause intense itching that can be annoying, painful, and can even keep you awake itching all night long…and all that persistent itching can lead to the development of secondary infections. Safetec’s Insect Bite Sting Relief “No Touch” Spray provides fast-acting relief by temporarily easing the pain and calming the urge to itch. Each pre-moistened wipe contains the powerful combination of pain reducing Lidocaine combined with the antiseptic protection of Benzalkonium Chloride. Its easy-to-use, provides immediate relief, and dries instantly. Plus, it uses a convenient “no touch” spray-on method of application that enables users to experience relief without ever having to touch an already irritated bite or sting. Simply spray on and around the affected area and begin to enjoy instantaneous relief!



-- Great for using on irritating insect bites and stings

-- Provides temporary relief that eases pain and soothes the urge to itch

-- Decreases the risk of developing secondary infections

-- Medicated with Lidocaine to provide temporary pain reduction

-- Contains the antiseptic Benzalkonium Chloride to help fight germs and bacteria

-- Specially formulated to dry quickly

-- Convenient ‘no touch’ spray-on method of application

-- Non-aerosol spray

-- Comes in a 2 ounce “no touch” spray bottle


Great for using while:

-- At home

-- At the office

-- In the workshop

-- While travelling

-- While camping

-- And just about anywhere else


Makes a great addition to:

-- First-aid kits

-- Medicine cabinets

-- Keeping with camping/outdoors gear

-- And much more



How Does Safetec’s Insect Bite Sting Relief “No Touch” Spray Help Reduce the Risk for Secondary Infections?

In addition to being an annoying nuisance, giving in to the urge to scratch at insect bites significantly increases the likelihood of developing secondary infections. Persistent scratching can cause the skin to break open and allow all sorts of germs and bacteria to get into the wound and cause infections to fester. Research has also shown that our fingernails have a tendency to harbor a wide variety of germs and bacteria, which can easily be introduced to the wound and cause infections to develop as a result of itching at an insect bite.




Product Number: Safetec-52001     Safetec Insect Bite Sting Relief 2 oz “No Touch” Spray Bottle 



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