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Safetec Green-Z Diamond Solidifier Pouch 1 oz
Safetec Green-Z Diamond Solidifier Pouch, 1 oz

Safetec Green-Z Diamond Solidifier Pouch 1 oz

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Part Number:Safetec-42131

Making it easy to comply with the rules and regulations regarding the proper handling and transport of liquid medical waste materials, the Safetec Green-Z Diamond Solidifier Pouches are uniquely sized for using with the narrow openings found on suction canisters. Their unique diamond shaped pouch makes it easy to pour the pre-measured and ready-to-use powder into the opening of canisters with limited product waste. This highly absorbent formula will quickly absorb and convert up to 1000cc’s of liquids into a firmer gel that can easily and safely be transported and disposed of in compliance with regulations.


-- Features an incinerator friendly formula

-- Easy to use with the small openings of suction canisters

-- Just 1 oz of this powder will solidify up to 1000cc’s of liquid wastes

-- Safe, effective and efficient

-- Works quicker than any other comparable solidifying agents currently available on the market

-- Unlike the Red-Z products, Green-Z products are incinerator friendly

-- Compliant with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards and the D.O.T. regulations for the proper handling and transport of liquid medical waste


These pouches come with a pre-measured and ready-to-use mixture, which helps save time by eliminating the need to stop to measure and mix chemicals together! Simply cut along the imprinted cut line on the pouch, pour the contents into the canister, and let the highly absorbent powder absorb and transform the liquid materials into a firmer gel. It really is that easy!



What is the difference between the Red-Z and Green-Z product formulations?

-- The Red-Z products contain a deodorizing agent to help control odors

-- The Green-Z products (which do not have any deodorizers in them) are incinerator friendly

Product Number: Safetec-42131        Green-Z 1 oz. Diamond Solidifier Pouch

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