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Safetec Full Spill Response Kit
Safetec Multi-Purpose Full Spill Response Kit

Safetec Full Spill Response Kit

Your Price: $269.95
Part Number:Safetec-15201

When emergency spills occur, grab the Multi-Purpose Spill Kit and head out to the scene of the incident, feeling confident that you’ll have everything need to safely transport and dispose of the waste materials. This great kit comes fully stocked with a variety of supplies for safely responding to spills. It has a compact and durable molded plastic case that is easy to carry and easy to store. Whether the spill is big or small, this kit is designed to help get the job done safely.


Kit Contents

• Pair of Nitrile Gloves
• Vented Goggles
• Respirator
• 15oz. Bottle of Green-Z Solidifier
• 15 oz. Bottle of Acid Lock Solidifier
• 15 oz. Bottle of Alky Solidifier
• 8 oz. Bottle of Petro Lock Absorbent
• 3 Scoopers/Scrapers
• Caution Tape Roll
• Drop Cloth
• Zammie Sewer Stopper (Dimensions: 15″ x 21″)
• 3 Clear Disposal Bags (Dimensions: 30″ x 37″)
• 3 Twist Ties
• D.O.T. Incident Report Tag
• Instructions


This complete kit is compliant with the D.O.T. 1713 hazardous discharge; EPA 623.30 immediate action and 263.31 discharge cleanup and is intended for use by medical, industrial, transportation, and spill response personnel. 

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