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Oral Pain Relief Gel Packets
Oral Pain Relief Packets

Oral Pain Relief Gel Packets

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Part Number:Safetec-53117

Oral and dental pain can be the worse! Safetec Oral Pain Relief provides fast-acting and effective relief for a variety of oral pains and irritations, including (but not limited to):

  • -- Toothaches
  • -- Canker sores
  • -- Gum sores
  • -- Dental work
  • -- Cheek bites
  • -- Denture irritations
  • -- Minor injuries to the mouth & gums
  • -- Other minor oral irritations


Great for keeping on-hand and stashing where they will be close by whenever you need relief, these oral pain relief pouches come in convenient single-use packets with .75 grams each…making them perfect for first-aid kits, the office, back-packs, purses, briefcases, hospitals, dental clinics, schools, travelling, and so much more!

Includes 144 packets per box - Comes in a convenient dispensing box. 

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